Sports Card Sells of the Week: Nov 6-13

Nov 6-13 Buys and Sells Of The Week Graphics


Contributed by Conner Barnett

Each week on the Sports Card Strategy Show, we talk about the top sports cards to sell now! We break down those selling opportunities further here at so you don't miss your chance to profit.

So if you're asking yourself "which sports cards should I sell now?" - read below to not miss any opportunities!

If you're interested in any of the plays below, be sure to click on any of the links, as well as card photos provided, as they will send you directly to eBay listings of that respective card.

1. Tyson Bagent

Kick Starting this week’s sell recommendations is Chicago Bears backup quarterback Tyson Bagent. Bagent, who signed with the Bears as an undrafted Free Agent, has been quickly thrown into the struggles of the NFL with Justin Fields going down several weeks ago from a hand injury. Bagent, despite posting less-than-impressive numbers, has seen his unassuming card market take off to a current price point that we feel is an overvaluation. Bagent’s 2023 Score Base in PSA 10 is up 204% the last 30 days, spiking from $33 to $100. His 2023 Prizm Draft Picks Silver in Raw is up 83.1%, and has been traded 23 times the last 30 days, meaning this option is primed for you to lock in profits on. Move any Bagent prints you’re currently holding as the demand for his card market and current valuation are two factors sure to decline.

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