Sports Card Strategy Overflow Show: What’s The Print Run On Bowman Chrome 1st Base Autos? What Are Bowman Paper 1st Edition Cards? Should you crack a BGS 9.5 Mahomes RPA and submit to PSA?

Thanks to our premium subscribers for asking great questions that we answer in depth in this episode to help you build your sports card strategy.

1.  What year did Bowman start releasing Chrome 1st cards?
2.  What are the top 5 (or so) most valuable Bowman Chrome 1st PSA10 cards?  (No auto just base Chrome 1st)
3. Should you buy Burrow, Hurts, Ridder or Pickett?
4. Should you sell pre-call up, or wait to see if your prospect pans out for more cash?
5. How many 1st Bowman BASE auto's are signed each year?
6. Should you crack a BGS 9.5 Mahomes RPA and submit to PSA?
7. Is there major danger in baseball prospect fatigue?
8. How to run a sports card flipping business from overseas
9. How to comp a 2023 Topps Chrome Ultraviolet All Star SSP
10. What does Bowman 1st Edition Mean?

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