Sports Card Strategy Show and Tell: Card Show Tips, Women’s Sports On The Rise, 1977 Star Wars, Ohtani, Soccer Cards Galore

Welcome to the next episode of Sports Card Strategy Show (and Tell), a new, natural extension of our flagship show, but with a focus on your cards, questions and ability to share the who, what and why about your PC and flipping game.

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Chad Guell starts off the show with his 31 PSA card reveal. Quite a few Fernando Tatis and Ohtani. Chad is offering these cards at a discounted price before the hit ebay so be sure to follow chad on Instagram at Chalx_cards.

Lonni Conley coming in strong and bringing some major tips. Lonni shares the cards he picked up at the Chantilly Card Show and how he goes to the show prepared.
His goal is to make 3-5x on everything and shares why he is diligent and specific on what he buys.
Lonni shares in great detail what he paid for the cards and shows the method to his madness on how to keep them stacked and organized. Be sure to check back next week as Lonni shares his pricing strategy for eBay.

Paul Schmitz aka Buckeye Dill - submitting a different kind of show and tell this week.

Buckeye Dill has an AMAZING Star Wars card collection from the original 1977 movie.
Series 1 in blue with a #1 Luke Skywalker PSA 6 (he’s on the hunt for 10!)
Series 2 in red
Series 3 in yellow
Series 4 in green
Series 5 in orange getting into behind the scenes and special effects. A total of a 330 card set!

Iowa Dave with his second show and tell shares six cards of an ongoing run of his personal collection. Dave shows us all 6 years that Ohtani has been active sharing his Topps Heritage set. Follow Iowa Dave on Instagram at Iowa_Dave.

Kendall McKee shares 2 cards that he purchased for $480 in preparation for the upcoming football season. Josh Howell and Jaylen Hurts, Limited Auto, hoping to make a good profit
Kendall (Lefty) also shows his findings from the dollar box and shares great insight on women’s sports.

Kevin aka Southern Soccer Idiot - Shares his big reveal of his 12 card PSA submission.

PSA 8 - 2020 Merlin Chrome Refractor - Lionel Messi
PSA 9 - Neymar Jr. 2017 Panini Revolution
2019 - Topps Finest - Kylian Mbappe
2014 - Panini Prizm Cristiano \Ronaldo World Cup Aerial Assault
2020 - 2021 Merlin Chrome Refractor Gabriel Martinelli
2020 Panini Chronicals Victor Osimhen
2020 - 2021 Merlin Chrome u23 Stars Victor Osimhen - (PSA 10)
2017 Panini Revolution Christian Pulisic Rookie
2017 Panini Nat Con VIP Christian Pulisic (PSA 10)

PSA 10
2021-2022 Mosaic Cristiano Ronaldo Reactive Purple
2021 Topps Now Cristiano Ronaldo 768 Career Goals
2021- 22 Erling Haaland Topps Sparkle Foil Refractor

Paul shares that this week he has been working on securing a Michael Jordan 1987 Fleer Base #59. He got a CSG 8.5 for $500, hoping for a PSA 8 to potentially lose $50 and reach for a PSA 9 to make $1000.

The ohmyshoes Family closes out the show with a show and tell from Mrs. Shoes, Jr. Shoes and Mini Shoes.

Jr. Shoes shares several Jaylen Waddle cards.
Mini shoes shares a Jordan Walsh Silver rookie Auto and a Pokemon card.

Omyshoes finishes with a Jalen Hurts Pink Panini Prizm and several Justin Fields cards.
We'd love your questions and comments on this one.

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