Sports Card Strategy Show and Tell: How To Ship Sports Cards After Selling; Top Sleeper QBs; Legends

Welcome to the next episode of Sports Card Strategy Show (and Tell), a natural extension of our flagship show, but with a focus on your cards, questions and ability to share the who, what and why about your PC and flipping game.

This week we hear from Dr. Crack Chad Guell on how to properly pack and ship cards after selling on eBay.

We also get more absolutely fire from Chase Crim of Texas Roadshow Cards, who walks us through his thought process on buying legends over youngsters.

Andy Cason surprises us in the live stream chat by commenting on new submitter Ben Dous' fire submission that included Jalen Hurts, Jared Goff, and even UFC cards, women's tennis cards and a bunch of Cam Thomas love. What constitutes a jersey numbered match in a serial number?

Mosaic Farmer Joe is back after tornados touched down on his Georgia farm to show us some solid baseball cards, CJ Stroud auto and more.

Ryan Painter brings the energy from the midwest showing us his 2020 Nick Chubb Mosaic Rainbow quest as well as sharing an L of the Week.

Ryan Borusky opens up on personal experiences and shares plays from the Sports Card Strategy Show anchor recommendations.

Buckeye Dil brings it strong sharing his Bowman Chrome 1st future PSA submission based on recent premium member article recommendations.

Oh My Shoes, Leslie, Jr. Shoes and Mini Shoes have two great submissions this week following the Dallas Card Show and their Camping Vacation.

We'd love your questions and comments on this one.

Get in and submit your show and tell now! Up your flipping and PC game by sharing your cards and stories with us! Email for details on how to get on the next episode.

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