Sports Card Strategy Show Ep 96: Should You Buy One Big Card Or Tons Of Cheaper Ones? Top Basketball Prizm Silver PSA 10s To Buy Now

Welcome to Episode 96 of the Sports Card Strategy Show with hosts Paul Hickey of, the Sports Card Doctor, Chad Guell, of, and Kendall "Lefty" McKee of, and Just Breaks.

In this episode we talk about:

- L of the Week
- W of the Week
- Buy of the Week
- Sell of the Week
- Basketball rankings
- Audience Q & A with Conner Barnett

L of the week - Cblez sharing content that doesn’t have a lot of value. Paul left the stream last week during the Show and Tell show.
W of the week - audience participation and Conner Barnett’s debut on the show. Arch Manning exclusive card, National VIP Gold Pack. SCSS will be at the Culture Collision Trade Show in January 2024.
Buying - Paul is excited about basketball cards. In season tournaments are coming up and planning on making some plays. Looking at Jordan Poole, Tyrese Maxey, Garland, SGA for mid tier and Luka on the higher end.
Jordan Poole (around $125)
Darius Garland (under $100)
Mikal Bridges (under $100)
Tyrese Maxey (under $200)
TOP TIER ($500 - $1,500)
SGA $500
LUKA $1,200
Selling - De'aaron Fox is up 30% in the last 30 days.

Strategy of the day - give yourself permission to let go of the card if you have made the profit that you set out to make.

Lefty McKee
L of the week - Carlos Alcaraz lost to Djokavich.
W of the week - Jackson Holliday continues to rise. December is going to be the time to buy him.
Buying - Churio is up 7%. Evan Carter is down 40% over the last 90 days, and is a top 10 prospect in baseball. A lot of people are hyped on Evan Carter.
Selling - anything that is a PSA 9 that doesn’t hold a long term investment. Now may be a good time to sell Messi.

Strategy of the day: Lefty would rather look at 10 names rather than 100.

Dr. Chad
L of the week - not having enough funds to buy more cards for flipping opportunities.
W of the week - Erling Haaland SGC 9, cracked it and sent it to PSA and got a 10. Sold for $400.
Buying - a few inexpensive plays from each sport. Looking at Silver Prizm and Contender Rookie autos. Brian Robinson Jr. from Washington Commanders, Rashad Batemen, Calvin Ridley, Romeo Dobbs, Elijah Moore. Baseball, Tyler Black Auto, Evan Carter PSA 10 Refractor 3 for $75. Basketball, Johnny Davis, Jaren Jackson, Trey Murphy. Little risk on a limited budget.
Selling - Masyn Winn, and soccer cards.

Strategy of the day: Spread your net wide enough and diversify your portfolio.

The debut of CONNER BARNETT to talk about comments and questions from the audience.

Piastri is an incredible investment opportunity right now.
Mojo’s sell 40-50% higher than base chrome 1st
Giddy is the x factor as a player but doesn’t translate to cards.
Buy for the Olympics in May or June

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