Sports Card Strategy Show Episode 88: Ways To Profit On Wembanyama; Jackson Holliday or Chourio?

Welcome to Episode 88 of the Sports Card Strategy Show with Paul Hickey of, Kendall McKee of Just Breaks and the Sports Card Doctor, Chad Guell.

We have to be the only Sports Card Podcast that goes in depth into not only the major sports, baseball, basketball, football, but also digs into opportunities for soccer, F1, college basketball and NBA Draft Prospects, and even celebrity cards.

In this episode we talk about:

- L of the Week
- W of the Week
- Buy of the Week
- Sell of the Week
- Audience Q and A

Show Highlights:
- Two huge Topps NOW Releases featuring Victor Wembanyama
- Is it time to buy Russell Wilson cards with Sean Payton in Denver?
- Baseball Prospects to buy: Jackson Chourio, James Wood and Jackson Holliday; but waiting until November / December to buy Holliday
- eBay and MySlabs selling strategies: should you go "off platform" to buy / sell via social media?
- Tips for safely buying and selling sports cards on social media (Twitter / IG)
- What are some UFC plays that can be made with UFC 290 and 291 approaching?
- What to do about a loose card in a PSA holder?
- Should you ever grade a 1 of 1?
- When is the next Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine coming out?

Kendall has a few L’s of the week, one being he threw his back out. We wish him fast healing! His other L of the week is Nick Gonzales. Nick was one of Kendall’s first sports card investments and he will probably sell. Kendall’s win of the week was watching Cade Cowell on the Gold Cup Roster.

Chad’s L of the week is Jazz Chisholm - he should’ve saved the $40 and not have sent them to PSA grading. Chad’s W of the week was his PSA submission that was sent and received back within 2 weeks! Stay tuned for the Show and Tell Card Show on Thursday for first pick on Chad’s cards that he got back from PSA.

Paul’s L and W of the week are the same. PSA changed their grading levels. It’s an L because he had to change the submission and a W because it’s cheaper overall and less restrictions.

Who We’re Buying:
Paul - Jackson Chourio, and 80’s cards (Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, Michael Jordan, John Elway). Paul is attempting to acquire 20, 1980s cards. Paul is also hyped about Victor Wembanyama. He picked up 20 base cards. Paul is also buying James Wood and Jackson Holliday.

Chad - is buying Jackson Churio, and Russell Wilson. Chad thinks that Jackson Holliday is hyped and he is staying away from him.

Kendall is selling Spencer Jones and selling them under comps. PSA 10’s for under $70.

Paul isn’t strategically selling right now.

We also had several excellent questions from the audience regarding who to buy in UFC, strategy on interacting with buyers and what to do and what not to do. Should you send your packages registered and insured?

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