Sports Card Strategy Show & Tell: Bowman Chrome Grading Plays, PSA Returns, and Personal Collections

Welcome to the next episode of Sports Card Strategy Show (and Tell), a natural extension of our flagship show, but with a focus on your cards, questions, and ability to share the who, what, and why about your PC and flipping game.

Today's submissions feature:

1. Loni Conley showcasing recent vintage collection purchases

2. Craig's Cards 11 with recent eBay purchases & PSA returns

3. Jordan Levine's first submission with tons of basketball cards spanning across decades

4. Marty Friel's strategies for buying cards at the ideal price

5. Trevor Atkins showcases his collections & changes in strategies

6. Barry Siff's recent card show experiences

7. Buckeye Dill's PSA returns

8. Southern Soccer Idiots Soccer Grading reveal

Text SPORTSCARDS to 1-833-992-5727 for sell alerts. Sports Card School coming soon! Classes start in November. More information available at If you want to be on the show, email We'd love your questions and comments on this one.

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