Sports Card Strategy Show & Tell: Setting Your Sports Card Strategy Goals for 2024

Welcome to the next episode of Sports Card Strategy Show (and Tell), a natural extension of our flagship show, but with a focus on your cards, questions, and ability to share the who, what, and why about your PC and flipping game.

Today's episode features:

Conner & Paul's Goals for 2024, Iowa Dave shares his goals as well, and how he plans to create balance.

Jordan Levine shares his ways to make profits on basketball cards (dollar box finds, buy raw & grade, non rookies, etc.)

Southern Soccer Idiot shares his recent PSA return (big W's!)

Marti Neil's segment from "The Nash-ional" airs!

How YOU can be a part of Sports Card Strategy shows moving forward

Text SPORTSCARDS to 1-833-992-5727 for sell alerts.

f you want to be on the show, email We'd love your questions and comments on this one. Get in and submit your show and tell now!

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