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February 2023: Sports Card Opportunity Report

With Kevin Durant on his way to Phoenix, there’s a lot to be excited about, but hold off on buying KD, Booker or Chris Paul cards. Prices will be inflated. Resist the temptation to cash in on NBA Title contention, there’s more money to be made in simply timing the market, rather than betting on who will win.

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Sports Card Strategy Show Ep. 68: Kyrie Traded, Brady Retired, Cam Thomas’ Moment, Women’s World Cup

Paul Hickey and Kendall McKee bring you Sports Card Strategy Show Episode 68. While going through our typical show format, we unpack several notable sports card strategies involving Oscar Piastri, Cam Thomas, Kyrie Irving, Tom Brady, Vinicius Jr. and Trinity Rodman. We’d love your questions and comments! Save 20% on the Premium Sports Card Investment…

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