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Advanced Sports Card Flipping: How To Fund Your PC and Your Life

So you understand all the basics now, but are you really making money?

1. The Strategic Process - AVAILABLE NOW!

Guidelines, Strategies and Plays
Identifying The Right Players
Identifying The Right Cards
Mapping out the play before you buy
Practicing Patience
Practicing Discipline
Avoiding Distractions
Avoiding Temptation

2. Buying Tips - AVAILABLE NOW!

Timing The Market(s)
Understanding the cycles and avoiding hype spikes
Sniping Auctions
Avoiding Paying Sales Tax
WhatNot rooms
Buying in bulk
How to successfully buy at card shows

3. How to Add Value To Your Cards - Available Now!

Grading Overview
Grading Companies
Crack and Submit
Crack and Sell Raw

4. Tracking Your Inventory - Available Now!

Stay Ready so you don’t have to Get Ready

5. Selling Strategy - AVAILABLE NOW!

Executing The Sale
How To Sell At The Right Time

6. Advanced eBay Selling Tips - AVAILABLE NOW!

Listing Management
Do’s and Don’ts
How and When to Run an Auction
How and When to list Buy It Now Or Best Offer
What to do when items go unpaid for
Second chance offers
Sending offer eligible items
What does this mean?
Customer Experience Tips
Shipping your items

7. Advanced eBay Buying Tips - AVAILABLE NOW!

Utilizing the Collection Feature
Utilizing the eBay Vault
How To Avoid Paying Sales Tax
Strategic Watch List Management
Saving Sellers
How to Snipe Auctions

8. Advanced Bankroll Management - Available Now!

Keeping Your Portfolio Lean but Diverse
The Importance of Cash Flow
Learning from Ls
Maximizing Ws

9. The Execution - Available Now!

Planning Your Play based on Guidelines and Strategies
The Full Timeline
Pattern Recognition
Opportunity Recognition
Making The Purchase
How to Hold
How to Sell
Maximizing and Crystallizing Your Profits