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Don't Rely On Third Parties To Move Your Products / Build Your Own Brand

I'm going to leave you with a very important parting shot here as you finish Sports Card School via the High Roller Course.

Build your own brand. I know this may not be something you want to do, and it may be more than what you bargained for when you started your journey, but in case you haven't noticed, this whole thing is a grind - NOT a set it and forget it situation.

As you're putting in the work, you might as well brand yourself.

This is simple. Create social media profiles to represent yourself properly from a sports card perspective on Instagram, X, Facebook, Discord and even LinkedIn - and maybe even when you go to card shows.

Create matching profiles on marketplaces like eBay, WhatNot, MyCardPost, PWCC, Fanatics Live, MySlabs, Veriswap and any others that pop up.

Connect with people who may be interested in your cards. Or better yet, understand what they want first, then go try to acquire and flip to them.

Having not only vouches, but real eBay reviews and ratings are all part of building your brand.

Don't just operate in a vacuum and send your cards to auction expecting results. Build awareness of your inventory like any other eCommerce business would, and it will only help you move cards for a profit.