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Re-Entering The Hobby - Entry Level Sports Card Collecting and Flipping Course


Re-Entering The Hobby: Entry Level Sports Card Collecting and Flipping Course

Are you re-entering the hobby that you loved as a kid? But this time you’re a tad more intrigued by the ability to invest in and flip sports cards? This course is for you.

What’s going on with all these different releases and sets?

Why are there thousands of rookie cards instead of less than a handful like when you were growing up?

We know. It can be super intimidating to see not only so many different sets of cards for each sport, but also how many different variations of the same card exist within each set - AND there are still inserts.

What even are inserts? What are all these abbreviations? PSA, SGC, SSP, COMC, BIN/OBO and the list goes on and on.

Don’t worry, this course will teach you everything you need to know about re-entering the hobby - starting with a plan for navigating all the different options there are for you to enjoy your time and spend your money wisely.

Lessons include:

1. Top 5 Things To Do When You Find Your Old Sports Card Collection - AVAILABLE NOW!

Establishing Your “Why”
Long Term Philosophy
Include: why cards are better than seasonal fantasy sports, dynasty leagues, DFS and sports betting
Building a bankroll
Laying the groundwork for selling online
How to determine what’s worth what (starting with cards you already own)
Research and spreadsheets
How to manage your time and fun
How to determine whether or not to grade cards (you already own)
Getting reps is important
Where and how to start selling the cards you already own
Expectations management
Liquidating your old collection to build your starting bankroll
Learning the modern release calendar
Manufacturers, Brands, Releases
Understanding Checklists
What are parallels, variations, serial numbered cards and inserts?
Avoiding FOMO
How to learn on the fly without wasting time and money

2. Top 5 Tips To Properly Time The Market - AVAILABLE NOW!

Why Collectors Are Important
Market Make-up
Why people buy sports cards
PC, Invest, Flip, Dabble
When the majority of the market buys cards
During hype spikes
Understanding Basic Market Cycles
When to buy different sports
When to sell different sports
The Goal is to be holding cards, ready to sell during hype spikes.
Why everyone can win

3. Top 5 Bankroll Management Principles - Available Now!

Now that you’ve liquidated your old collection, which cards make sense to buy?
Desirable cards vs. Non-Desirable cards (only allocate bankroll budget to desirable cards)
Only buying cards with a marker/sell by date in mind
How to cash out and allocate funds to flipping, PC’ing, life budget goals
How to reinvest your flipping budget


Why you need an eBay account
Setting up your eBay account for successful sports card transactions
Preparing to sell cards
Speed / Quality
Customer Service
Basic Tips for Listing Items, and Making Searches
What is an eBay watch list and why is it important?
How to become an eBay top rated seller

5. Other marketplaces - Available Now!

Social media
FB Groups
Safe and secure payment methods outside of marketplaces

6. Navigating Card Shows in the ultra modern era - Available Now!

How to interpret pricing and check comps
How to understand a good vendor vs. crappy vendor