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Kevin Durant

I hope everyone listened to us and sold your Kevin Durant cards when he got traded to the Suns. The hype of getting traded to the Suns gave his cards a big spike which was expected. What wasn’t expected, was Durant hurting himself during pregame warmups and being out almost a month. When injuries happen, card prices typically tumble. This was the case with Durant. However, there is news that he will be making his return next Wednesday against the Timberwolves. Just in time to play a few games and get ready for the playoffs! Now is a great time to take advantage of the dip and buy back the cards you sold at the trade announcement! His Topps Factory Set White border PSA 10 rookie card is down 37.5% since he got hurt. This makes a great opportunity to flip for profit heading into the playoffs!

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What Is The Best Basketball Card Investment Right Now?

While we’ve been talking up sleepers during the first third of the NBA season, it’s starting to look like the obvious best buy now player is right under our noses. But which KD cards make sense to buy right now? This video is brought to you by Market Movers App by Sports Card Investor. Save…

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