What Is CardScore? Introducing A New Easier Way To Grade Your Sports Cards

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Today's blog / video is sponsored by Cardscore.com.

Cardscore solves a huge problem in the sports card industry today - grading.

Grading is expensive from both a time and money standpoint, and can easily drain your resources and shrink your profit margin.

There is really no way, other than StarStock, to differentiate ungraded / unslabbed card values against one another.

Cardscore is a crowdsourced way of assigning a score from 0-100 to any card.

Here's how it works:

It's very easy to score cards. It can be done using a phone, tablet or computer.

Anybody can sign up, it gives collectors a voice!

Become a scorer by going to https://www.cardscore.com/become-a-scorer.

Cardscore will be compensating scorers for their time scoring in the near future.

Cards are scanned in at a very high resolution so you can see the card in great detail and zoom in on it.

Scans of cards cannot be manipulated thanks to their scorekey device, which sends the high resolution scans securely to our platform.

I believe Cardscore will help provide opportunities for many in the sports card hobby.

Anyone can earn extra money by becoming a scorer, and it will be infinitely easier to differentiate your cards by getting a score for your favorite cards either as a way to validate the condition and quality of your ungraded cards, or as a pre-screening method before submitting to a top tier grading company.

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