5 High-Risk High-Reward Basketball Cards to Target Now!

5 High-Risk High-Reward Basketball Cards to Target Now! Show Thumbnails (4)

Contributed by Chad Guell


As the NBA season approaches, there are lots of questions about which cards to target to flip for profits. There are several different ways to make money flipping basketball cards. We are going to focus on 5 cards in this article that have the potential to double your money in the next 60-90 days. If you want to take a little bit more risk for the chance to have a much greater reward than this article is for you!

These 5 cards have some serious flipping potential, but also carry great risk. Chances are that not all of these plays will pan out, but the ones that do will be huge! I plan on buying at least 1 of every card on this list! Buy 1 or buy them all, let us know how you did!

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