How to Make Hundreds of Dollars Flipping Jace Jung Cards

How to Make Hundreds of Dollars Flipping Jace Jung Cards Graphics (1)

Contributed by Chad Guell 


This is the seventh article in a series of articles highlighting the top 10 baseball prospects on our baseball rankings list. I am going to break down specific plays for each player to take all the guess work out of it for our premium members. All you will have to do is find the cards listed in these articles, buy them, grade them, and flip them for profit! Jace Jung is our number 7 ranked prospect. Here are some options for you to buy and flip! You have about 4 months to get your cards ready for spring training. The prices may change a bit over the next several months, but regardless of what the numbers change to, there will still be money making opportunities on these cards!

5. 2022 Bowman Draft Chrome Auto 1st #CDA-JJ Blue Refractor #/150

Raw $120 10/28/23

PSA 8 $110 10/5/23

PSA 9 $148 10/9/23

PSA 10 $267 10/27/23

53 Graded by PSA

9 PSA 8's = 17%

22 PSA 9's = 41.5%

22 PSA 10's = 41.5%

6 x $120 = $720

6 x $19 = $114

$50 shipping costs

$884 total investment

6 x .17 = 1.02 R2 1

6 x .415 = 2.49 R2 3

6 x .415 = 2.49 R2 2

1 x $110 = $110

3 x $148 = $444

2 x $267 = $534

$110 + $444 + $534 = $1088

$1088 - $884 = $204 potential Profit



Looking at the data above what is your strategy? If I was looking to do a bulk play on Jace I would concentrate on the Sapphires as it appears to give you your best profit margins. If I was looking to get into an auto, I would try to buy a Blue #/150 PSA 10. At $267 this card could easily jump to $400-$600 range maybe even higher at the announcement of Jace getting called up if he is hot and creating hype! Once again do what best fits your strategy and let us know how you did!    

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  1. Ron Blankenship on November 14, 2023 at 10:46 am

    All of these articles are FANTASTIC, so thank you very very much!! One thing that might improve them is the following. Each article is based on ROI using today’s valuations of the PSA 10’s. Since each of these prostpects is on your “buy” list for the reason they’re values might go up considerably at call up, maybe modify the articles to represent the possible valuations at call up, instead of now. I know you’re trying to avoid making it look like you’re giving financial advice, but you’ve already explained (thanks Paul!!) that using Elly’s callup numbers as a guide, you’re able to predict the potential valuations of these prospects when they get called up, so why not take it one step further and include that formula in the articles? I am personally using this information as the starting point for my own calculations, and am adding in the “Elly factor” for each one, so I can estimate what the ROI might be for my current purchases and grading activities. I would think that many others would appreciate the same insight.


    • Paul Hickey on November 16, 2023 at 9:48 am

      Hey Ron!
      Thank you so much for the kind words and for all of your support. I’m so happy that your premium membership is providing value! 🙂 We love it. That’s why we’re here. I agree with your feedback. Good points.

      I can say that we try to time the articles to come out at a general buying point in the micro market anyway. So instead of saying “we think this card in PSA 10 will also rise in value,” that’s already inferred in the fact that we’re publishing it in a time period where the price of the PSA 10 is generally when we’d buy it anyway, expecting it to go up at the sell marker.

      I agree though that we could / should definitely just come out and say this in the articles.

      Thanks man!


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