How to Make Hundreds of Dollars Flipping Jackson Merrill Cards

How to Make Hundreds of Dollars Flipping Jackson Merrill Cards Dr. Crack Article Graphics (1)

Contributed by Chad Guell 


This is the ninth article in a series of articles highlighting the top 10 baseball prospects on our baseball rankings list. I am going to break down specific plays for each player to take all the guess work out of it for our premium members. All you will have to do is find the cards listed in these articles, buy them, grade them, and flip them for profit! Jackson Merrill is our number 8 ranked prospect. Here are some options for you to buy and flip! You have about 4 months to get your cards ready for spring training. The prices may change a bit over the next several months, but regardless of what the numbers change to, there will still be money making opportunities on these cards!

5)  2022 Bowman Chrome Prospect Auto #CPA-JME Refractor #/499

Raw $132.50 10/2/23

PSA 9 $96 7/30/23

PSA 10 $220 11/8/23

168 Graded by PSA

66 PSA 9's = 39.3%

99 PSA 10's = 58.9%

6 x $132.50 = $795

6 x $19 = $114

$50 shipping costs

$959 total investment

6 x .393 = 2.36 R2 2

6 x .589 = 3.53 R2 4

2 x $96 = $192

4 x $220 = $880

$192 + $880 = $1072

$1072 - $959 = $113 potential profit

The Speckle Refractor #/299 PSA 10 most recent sale was $228 on 10/23/23. If you are interested in an Auto of Merrill's and you want to buy already graded, I would take a good look at the Speckle Refractor if you can find one in the $228 ish price range! 

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