How to Profit Buying The Dip: 10 Cards to Target!

How to Profit Buying The Dip: 10 Cards to Target! Show Thumbnails (4)

Contributed by Chad Guell

What happens every year in the NFL when reality meets expectations? People overreact and card prices dip. It happens every year! The key is waiting until it happens and then guessing correctly on which is an overreaction and which is the new reality! There is risk involved in buying into a mid-season dip, however where there is risk, there is also great reward! I am going to give you my predictions as to which cards to buy the dip and profit on!

Do I think that the Bears are going to get things turned around this year? No, I don't. I think the Bears are a bottom third team in the NFL this year. However, being bad means that you are playing from behind often, and that typically lends a hand to the star players on that team getting tons of opportunities to produce. The last half of last year Fields looked great as the Bears figured out he was a run 1st pass 2nd type of quarterback. He had several games where he rushed for over 100 yards and passed for 100-200 more and got 2-3 touchdowns per game. This sent his cards soaring! Fields cards were among some of the hottest cards during the off season with high expectations for 2024. Enter reality! The Bears and Fields have looked awful so far. Part of that is the fact that they are trying to make him a drop back passing style QB instead of a run 1st QB, the other part is that they have played 3 defenses so far that are in the top half of the league. Looking forward starting with week 4, the Bears play teams with bad defenses. Week 4 Broncos ranked 24th, Week 5 Commanders ranked 12th, Week 6 Vikings ranked 31st, Week 7 Raiders ranked 30th, and Week 8 Chargers ranked 29th! Outside of the Commanders, they have 4 of the worst defenses in the NFL to face. This should allow Fields to start putting up the stats people were expecting of him this year. When that happens, his cards will start to rise again, and you will profit! Here is a list of his cards to target with price ranges of something for everyone!

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