I Just Sold My First NBA TopShot Moment! But Did I Screw Up???

I got an email today that I sold an NBA TopShot Moment! But did I list it for enough money? Maybe I got ripped off?

Maybe I listed it for two little. Oh no!

And it was one I really liked, a Damian Lillard game-winning fade-away triple at the buzzer!

Nah, calm down, this was a serial number 23,000+ out of a base set series 2 35,000+ common moment.

Plus, I opened it from a $9 pack of three moments, which means I only "spent" $3 on the moment.

It sold for $24, which means I made $19, and the way I look at it is NBA TopShot "paid me" twice the amount of the pack to have quite a bit of fun.

I feel great about it, because the lowest listing is still $24, and there are thousands of the same moment with even better serial numbers listed for $40 or less, so if I really miss owning this moment I can go back and get it for a low price.

But I really would rather keep my $19 in my Dapper wallet - even though it could take six weeks to transfer it into ETH or USD (according to the email I got from NBA TopShot).

This, to me, is where collectors can get real enjoyment out of NBA TopShot, not from listing their moments for $250,000 or even four-figures, like some of the jokesters I show in the video above.

I get it, we all want to "cash-in" on NFTs, but the real way to do it on NBA TopShot is to be strategic about it. Buy packs, or buy moments that you like (for low prices), and list them in the marketplace to see what happens. That's what I did.

And I'm really happy collecting.

I hope you are too.


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