NBA TopShot Pack Reveal Base Set Series 2 – Release 36 – More SuperStar Pulls! Trae Young!!!

Dapper Labs has done an amazing job removing the barrier to entry for NFTs. Normally, you'd have to get an Etherium Wallet, convert your FIAT currency into ETH (Ether), then remember how much the conversion is for each digital collectible you buy so you can keep track of how much you're actually acquiring it for.

But thanks to Dapper Labs, sports card collectors can easily flex into NFTs by acquiring TopShot moments using their regular bank accounts and credit cards.

You can even sell your digital NBA TopShot NFT trading cards on the marketplace after picking them out of packs like I do in this video.

But even more special, Dapper is making an upcoming release for new collectors only. A requirement for Release 37 on May 28, 2021, is that you can't have purchased more than 2 packs in order to get in on it.

While I was bummed to miss Release 37, I ultimately think it's the right thing for Dapper and the NBA to do, to ensure the long term health and accessibility of the digital trading card sector.

Living in Spain, not really having a reliable US Mailing Address at the moment - NBA TopShot Moments have become a way for my family and I to stay involved in something other than La Liga physical cards and stickers.

Now, to the pack reveal. Spoiler alert, in this reveal of my Base Set Series 2 Release 36, I pull a low-serial number Trae Young, a Rookie Minting of Onyeka Okungwu, a teammate of Young's who was the sixth overall pick in 2020, and Jarrett Allen - an underwhelming serial number but a player who is potentially going to play this summer for the USA Olympic Basketball team.

All-in-all, an amazingly fun investment for only $9.

I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy Collecting!

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