September 2022: Sports Card Opportunity Report

Sports Card Opportunity Support - September 2002 - Best Buys, Subscriber Feedback, Cinematic Athletes

Welcome to September! It sure seems like the Sports Card Market is as strong and stable as ever, with singles and wax being super liquid all across football, F1, basketball, baseball, soccer and even hockey. While the NFL hype season is in full swing, and soccer is ramping up with the kickoff of the Champions League and World Cup anticipation, we’re advising to liquidate football and look to invest more in basketball, baseball and hockey plays.


Our premium subscriber community continues to grow, and we’re extremely invested in continuing to improve our product for you - our members. Some feedback we received this past month includes:


Cut down on ads.


Well, we’re pumped to announce that we’ve implemented an ad-free experience for members. You deserve it, so we made it happen.


Improved “Buy, Sell, Hold” organization.


In the Spring, we implemented drastically improved player profiles across the board, with a new “Buy, Sell or Hold” designation to each player that we update daily. This ensures that whenever you check the site, we are giving you our recommendation as to how to time the market with regards to the opportunity to hopefully maximize profits for each player. 


You all asked if we could improve the organization of this. We have several options, but since this changes so frequently, we think the best way forward is to feature our top Buys, Sells and Holds here in this monthly article moving forward.


Tracking Our Picks.


As you know, “The Play” section of every player profile features our recommendation regarding what to do with each player’s cards at the moment.


Feedback from you all indicated that we should track our predictions. We love this. So starting in this monthly installment of the Sports Card Opportunity Report, and moving forward, we are also implementing a “We Were Right About. We Were Wrong About.” section.


More Soccer.


Many of you have requested more soccer content. We are releasing Episode 6 of the Soccer Card Strategy Show, and have added several Soccer Card Player Profiles to our rankings, and will continue to do our best to be a leader in Sports Card Soccer Content.


Happy 1 year anniversary to the Sports Card Strategy Show.


And finally, one more shout out to the Sports Card Strategy Show and our audience! We just celebrated our 1-year anniversary of the show, and plan to keep it going for many years to come.


Thanks again to all of you who listen or watch, and please remember to leave us a review on Apple.


One More Important Note. Card Data.


We have made a strategic decision to change the way we display card sales data on the site.

What we were doing - grabbing all recent sales of three different levels of cards: low, medium and high.


What we are doing now - focusing only on the most investable and liquid cards that other sports card data tools primarily ignore. We have begun creating data feeds from showing tables and charts of the most recent sales data. We keep these updated weekly for each player and it helps us determine our recommendations in “The Play” section.


Why - As much as we respect data tools like Market Movers, Card Ladder and others, we really aren’t trying to be them. They consistently miss sales of key investable rookie cards, like Contenders Rookie Ticket Autos, Prizm Autos, NT RPAs, Origins RPAs, Bowman Chrome 1st Autos and more - including Goodwin Champions Autos, UD SP Authentic Autos, etc.


We are focused on cards like this for each player.


We believe this will continue to differentiate us from other subscription tools on the market and keep us the most valuable for our subscribers.


That said, below is the September Premium Member-Only Sports Card Opportunity Report.

Get this piece and all of our other premium content, including the full investment report, featuring an in-depth look at which cards to buy now, how long to hold them and when to sell them. Get the rest. Go Premium here.

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