Sports Card Strategy Show Episode 61: Mbappe and Messi Post World Cup Market; Buy Elly De La Cruz

Paul Hickey and Kendall McKee bring you Sports Card Strategy Show Episode 61.

We talk...
- L of the week
- W of the week
- Buy Now - Market Movers Deal of the Week
- Sell Now

The sports card market is super strong, but there are always intricacies to pay attention to. In this episode we talk in depth about what to do with Messi and Mbappe cards now that the World Cup is over.

We also hit on opportunities to buy guys like Erling Haaland, Jordan Lawler, Elly de la Cruz and Kyle Manzardo - and even sleepers like Bruce Brown.

There is also a solid, in-depth grading strategy conversation in this episode. We'd love your thoughts and questions!

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