Sports Card Strategy Show Episode 87: How To Pick A Good Break And Avoid Bad Ones

Welcome to Episode 87 of the Sports Card Strategy Show with Paul Hickey of, Kendall McKee of Just Breaks and the Sports Card Doctor, Chad Guell.

We have to be the only Sports Card Podcast that goes in depth into not only the major sports, baseball, basketball, football, but also digs into opportunities for soccer, F1, college basketball and NBA Draft Prospects, and even celebrity cards.

In this episode we talk about:

- L of the Week
- W of the Week
- Buy of the Week
- Sell of the Week
- Audience Q and A

This is the breaking show! Paul, Kendall and Chad talk about breaking, why it exists and the good, the bad and the ugly about breaking.

Paul relives his childhood with this 1990 NBA Hoops vintage box of basketball cards opened for the first time live on the show!

Although the vintage break wasn't as exciting as we hoped for, we did end up with:
- Two Shawn Kemp Rookie's
- 2 Sam Vincent with Michael Jordan (#12) in the shot
- Mark Jackson
- Michael Jordan all star
- Mark Jackson with Menendez brothers in the background.

Kendall (Lefty) finishes the break with Bowman U inception - which turned out to be not as exciting as we had hoped but a good lesson in breaking.

Breaking Strategies:
- What you need to know about breaking
- Where to go to find your break
- Who to trust when entering into a break
- When to buy singles vs. getting into a break.

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Paul Hickey is the founder of, home of the Sports Card Investment Report and The Sports Card Strategy Show. He is also a contributing writer for Sports Card Investor.

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