2024 NFL Playoffs Football Card Selling Cheat Sheet

2024 NFL Playoffs Football Card Selling Cheat Sheet

This is a profit maximization plan that will include players to sell, recommended ways to list, including timing on when to end auctions - which is why it’s important to follow.

The NFL Playoffs are here, and it’s time to start listing your cards.

It’s time to liquidate your NFL Cards you’ve been holding on to for the teams in the Playoffs. Why? Because so much changes in the off-season. There is so much uncertainty. The selling marker is upon us, and now it’s time to get specific, which is what our Cheat Sheet at NoOffseason.com does.

We don’t want you holding the wrong cards into the off-season.
We want you maximizing profits, but taking profits when they’re there, rather than trying to get the maximum possible profit
We want to mitigate risks against single game elimination with unknown outcomes; and we want to mitigate risks against injuries and poor individual performances

Keep in mind, there are players we believe it’s okay to hold heading into next season even if you miss the selling window, but there are others (most of them, in fact), that we believe it’s best to LIQUIDATE NOW, get the cash so you have the flexibility to either buy back into them later in the offseason, or reinvest into other areas.

This will be available on NoOffseason.com’s homepage throughout the NFL Playoffs. The most recent version was updated after the Divisional Round ended on Sunday, January 21.

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Paul Hickey is the founder of NoOffseason.com, home of the Sports Card Investment Report and The Sports Card Strategy Show. He is also a contributing writer for Sports Illustrated and Sports Card Investor.

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