How Michael Jordan can help fund your PC!

How Michael Jordan Can Help Fund Your PC

By: Chad Guell

This article is going to show you how to focus on 1 “GOAT” to flip to fund your PC. In past episodes you have heard us say you can’t go wrong with Michael Jordan cards. In last week's episode of the Sports Card Strategy Show I even gave an example of a Jordan Beam Team card that had flip opportunities. Paul recently did a podcast for premium members on which cards to target and why.

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We have talked about how you can focus on one player and just buy and sell during the hype cycles and the off seasons and you could become an expert on that player. Another way we have talked about recently was showing you how to do research on cards that you buy from one grading company, crack the slab and resubmit to PSA. I have had a lot of people reach out to me on this subject and ask isn’t this risky?

The answer is yes, flipping is risky. However when done carefully you can limit the risk. You want to look for cards that either have a certain grade and price from 1 grading company and you are hoping to get it reslabbed with the same grade. For example you buy a BGS 8 and you are wanting to get it into a PSA 8 slab. The obvious reason for doing this is PSA generally sells for more. If you aren’t wanting to get into cracking slabs open and resubmitting, you can always send in the cards in the current slab and request a crossover grade.

This way you can guarantee that you won’t get a lower grade limiting your risk. If you have a higher risk tolerance you can look for cards with half grades such as an 8.5. Buying these cards, cracking and resubmitting hoping for a 9 or a half grade higher can create even a greater return on investment. The risk here is if the card gets a half grade lower what does it cost you. So I try to look for opportunities where the half grade lower and the purchase price are close to even limiting the risk of a huge loss. With the greatest risk, comes the greatest reward. Buying a card in a 9.5 from HGA, SGC, CSG, or BGS and getting it to come back a 10 can have some huge profit margins, however those cards are usually the cards where if it gets a 9 there could be a huge loss as well.

I want to focus on the 2nd option here for this article. I have done all the research for you.

These are the types of flips that I am personally doing on a monthly basis to fund my PC. They have a nice reward with low risk to losing tons of money.

Also to show you that it doesn’t have to be a players rookie card, or an auto, or a prospect card, I used 6 different consecutive years of Michael Jordan cards.

There are flipping opportunities everywhere if you do your research 1st!

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