How To Make Money Buying 2023 Bowman Chrome 1st Prospects (Top 16 Prospects To Buy)

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Contributed by Chad Guell and Kendall McKee

We have been getting a lot of questions in regards to which Bowman Chrome 1st cards are the best. So in this article we have ranked the top 16 cards of the Chrome 1st Prospects from 2023 Bowman Chrome. Now I want to make clear that the rankings are not in correlation to their abilities or what we think of the player. These are ranked in order of opportunity that is available to all of you to buy and flip for profits. This is why you will see the 2 prospects that have already debuted on the bottom of this list. Talent wise they would be middle to the top of this list, however from a money making stand point the hype cycle has already passed which means they now need something spectacular to happen to create a new hype cycle. The next 14 prospects on this list are players that we feel have a legitimate chance at making it to the big leagues in the next few years. You will also notice that the #1 chase from this product Druw Jones is not listed in the #1 spot. This is for several reasons. The first being that we feel the players listed ahead of him are better money making opportunities. The second being with the injury issues he has had in his 1st minor league season we feel like his prices are likely to start coming down as the summer progresses which if you believe in him will make great buy in opportunities for next spring! Hopefully you all find this article to be both helpful and profitable! Let’s make some money!!!

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    Wow. This was outstanding.

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