How to Make Money Flipping Sports Cards in NFL Free Agency 2024

How to Make Money Flipping Sports Cards in NFL Free Agency 2024 Article Graphics

As we approach the Conference Championship round in the NFL playoffs, all eyes are locked in on the 4 remaining teams, each possessing their different strengths and weaknesses that have created an opportunity for them to punch their ticket to Super Bowl LVIII. At however, we’re dialed in on a different category of players: the upcoming NFL free agents for this offseason. Kicking off on March 15th, the NFL free agency period provides sports card flippers with a low-risk strategy opportunity that predicates itself on hype, rather than performance spikes, which we use as a guideline frequently when building strategies to make plays. Today we’re going to take a look at the top names that we believe you should be targeting now to scoop up at a discount and sell via listing a 10-day auction that starts just before that March 15th day hits, giving watchers plenty of time to build traction on your posting and let the hype build in profits. Someone important to note here is that we’re placing a big emphasis on targeting prints of players that are most likely to change teams, as we don’t believe re-signing with the same franchise is as big of a news story.

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