How You Can Make Money Flipping UFC Cards


Contributed by Chase Crim

I know, I know, UFC cards, really? Although UFC cards may seem like a gimmick, they have gained the love from collectors. They might not be the most liquid cards but there are still several plays you can make that can earn you an easy profit. In this article I’m going to only discuss one strategy, and that is how you can take advantage of UFC hype cycles. These cards are all down since the fighters’ last fight and each one has a different price point.

First I’m going to discuss the 2019 Topps Chrome Alexander Volkanovski Knockout rookie card. This is going to be the cheapest play mentioned in this article.

Volkanovski is one of the best fighters in the UFC right now, as he’s ranked #2 in the men’s pound for pound rankings, and is currently the featherweight champion. Luckily for us, the average person in the hobby doesn’t know who he is. He only has one rookie card and it’s very affordable for someone who could go down as one of the greatest fighters ever.

The last two auctions that ended of this card were $27 on May 7th and $20 on April 30th. Not only do I think that this is a very good long-term play, you can also flip in a couple weeks as he has a fight on July 2nd at UFC 290. Volk last fought on February 11th, on that same night this card sold for $63. There were multiple sales between September and December 2022, and all of them were between the $25-$30 range. UFC 290 projects to be the best PPV card of the year as well. There are two championship fights, Whittaker vs Du Plessis which could determine the next challenger for Israel Adesanya, and the hottest rookie in the UFC in Bo Nickal. Volkanovski is headlining the event and is opening as a 4 to 1 favorite over Yair

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