Mail Day! What Did I Order From Topps?

Mail Day! What Did I Order From Topps? Should you even deal with the mail? What are the alternatives? Have you checked out

The irony in this post is that I'm super excited to do a real, authentic mail day video after returning to the US from Spain for the summer, but the cards I rip are from Topps. Topps NOW and Topps Living Set rookies which are NOT excepted by the sponsor of today's video,

I love because you DON'T have to deal with the mail. They do instant trading and portfolio changes.

Get $10 FREE deposited into your account at by using the promo code "nooffseason" when you register.

I love Mail Day, but since I can't really do it when I return back to Spain, I'll be using StarStock!

The cards I talk about in this video will be available for purchase here -

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