National Hangover? Buy the dip on these popular QBs!

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Contributed by Chad Guell

Have you ever heard of the Post National Hangover? It’s a real thing! Every year a few cards that were popular at the National take a slight dip for a week or two after the National. However, this year the hangover is one of the largest I have ever seen! There could be a very short window of buying opportunities here! Let's take a deeper dive and look at which players might help fund our PCs with some quick flip opportunities. If anyone is wondering if Market Movers is worth the money, sit down, take a drink of your coffee, and read this!
As I logged on to Market Movers as I do every day, I noticed a sharp downward spike in my personal collection's values. At first glance it was no big deal as the market adjusts daily. However, after taking a closer look this dip appears to have started right after the National. As I took a closer look to see which cards were falling the most to cause this dip, I was a bit shocked at what I saw!

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