Potential Low Risk High Reward NFL Plays

Potential Low Risk High Reward NFL Plays

Contributed by Chad Guell

We have written a lot about quarterbacks in the last month, but not many non-quarterback plays. The reason for this is that QB's tend to draw the most attention in the hobby, therefor making them the easiest to flip for profit! However, there is money to be made in non-quarterbacks too! I am going to list several non-quarterback potential breakout candidates for the 2023 NFL season. The cards I am going to list will all be under $50 cost so very low risk. The plays may also not require you to get anything graded. Time is running out to buy raw and get graded in time for the season to start, so I thought I would give you some plays where grading isn't required to flip for a profit. Now if you wanted to take the risk of grading and the extra time involved it could substantially raise the bar in terms of potential profits! However, for the sake of this article we are going to be talking buy raw and flip raw. Let's get started!

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