Sports Card Strategy Ep. 104: NBA Sells to Help Reallocate Your Portfolio w/ Guest Duke Dodson

Welcome to Episode 104 of the Sports Card Strategy Show with hosts Paul Hickey of, the Sports Card Doctor, Chad Guell, of, and Kendall "Lefty" McKee of, and Just Breaks. Special guest this week is Duke Dodson of Graybo's!

Today we discuss our Losses, Wins, who we are Buying and who we are Selling.

L - Auctions on ebay and things that are not selling. Moved a Corbin Carroll to Buy It Now and it sold right away.
W - How far money has been able to go with ebay sales with buying some great cards.
B - Bought a PSA base auto Colby Mayo. Buying Tyler Black.
S - Evan Carter from the Rangers.

L - Someone from the show bought a card from Graybo’s and they couldn’t find the Xavier Issac card that the customer purchased. Turned out Duke sold it 3 weeks earlier.
W - traded out of Josh Allen and Burrow. Got a Brady and Mahomes card. Big wins with daily fantasy sports.
B - Targeting Holliday. Buying Jason Tatum. Football - Spears and Johnson.
S - Tua because of where the Dolphins are at right now.

L - submitted 5 of my 10 Arch Mannings to SGC hoping for at least 3 of 5 10’s to be 1st to the market with graded. Got 1 9 3 9.5’s and 1 10. Caleb Williams losing to Notre Dame. Ordered 2 boxes of bowman u football ripped them open and was a huge waste of money
W - was able to get some great deals again this week on graded basketball and bowman 1st baseball prospects. eBay sales are slow so there are lots of opportunities to buy!
B - bought silver Prizm PSA 10 Zion, Silver Prizm PSA 10 Shai, silver Prizm PSA 10 Ja, optic holo PSA 10 Tatum, bought 2 Tyler Black Bowman 1st base autos, Lamelo holo PSA 10 2 more Durant PSA 10s
S - Jordan Alvarez up 60 % last 30 days, Bryce Harper having great post season cards up 20% last 7 days, Trea Turner up 106% last 30, Evan Carter up 31%

L - Not with everyone this week.
W - Jackson Holliday cards. 2022 Bowman Mint Gem Refractor. The Jackson Holliday buying focus has begun. Off the back of the NFL and NBA Hype, it’s time to buy Holliday.
B - Holliday, Wood, Churio, Golf and Olympics
S - Sell your NBA cards to fund your 2024 buys. Sell football right now.

W - Went to the Nashville Card show and met with some audience members.

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