Sports Card Strategy Ep. 106: Buying The NFL Dip; NBA Hype Cycle Sells; Football & Baseball Buys

Welcome to Episode 106 of the Sports Card Strategy Show with hosts Paul Hickey, the Sports Card Doctor Chad Guell, and guest Andy Cason of FootballCardQuest.

Today we discuss who to target during the mid-season NFL dip, Will Levis standout showing fueling profits, as well as a mix of strategy for those holding basketball and baseball cards.

Who's going to be traded in the NFL? Can the NoOffseason family produce enough waves in the market to make potential problems for buying/selling recommendations?



L - Paul still has no card L's. MSU hoops losing a tight game to Tennessee on questionable calls. Quarterback Injuries making it difficult to watch the NFL.

W - Victor Wembanyama plays turning big profits

B - Patrick Mahomes & Justin Fields dips

S - Paul's entire basketball liquidation strategy, Corbin Carroll, Jude Bellingham, and Will Levis



L - Not listening to Paul and buying more Wembanyama!

W - Corbin Carroll plays panning out allowing him to keep a Sapphire PSA 10 that turned into big profits, Will Levis returns

B - Top baseball prospects (Featured in rankings @

S - Last chance to sell World Series player's prints, Wembanyama after decent first week



L - Not buying Will Levis rookie cards prior to Sunday's breakout performance W - Eagle's offense fueling long-term investment wins

B - Week 8 in the books means mid-season dip is upon us. QB's such as Mahomes and Fields.

S - Dak Prescott coming off strong win but next-gen stats show he's declining, Josh Allen & Justin Herbert We'd love your questions and comments!

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