Sports Card Strategy Overflow Show: Elly’s Impact On Other Call-ups; Top Long Term Holds; How To Use Panini Points

Thanks to our premium members, this is an extremely compelling episode of The Overflow Show.

We welcome Jerry W. back into the hobby after 20 years, as he asks about the best time to sell football cards, and what to do in scenarios where you may have several of the same card.

Scott G. asks if PSA's inconsistencies mean they're a sham.

Brett F. asks about the best ways to buy the same card in bulk.

Marc S. asks about data in an article about grading and flipping Lionel Messi's 2014 Prizm.

Debra R. asks about website features and Panini Points, and our team has phenomenal answers for her about the intricacies of Panini Points and how to use them.

Irvin R. asks great questions about narrowing focus to the right about of players, as well as the best times of the year to buy and sell cards per sport.

Scott F. calls other content creators "captain obvious" and applauds us for going deeper. He also asks which non-obvious players are buys now to hold long term.

Jeff from Dinged Corners has great questions, and a tough decision to make about a rare Shohei Ohtani card.

Adam R. asks if we think the Elly De La Cruz hype train will ever end, and what effect it's had on other call-ups like Endy Rodriguez, as well as what we can do in the future about situations like this.

Paul S. (Buckeye Dil) is buying 10 MLB prospects in bulk to grade at PSA, and is looking for our advice on the final two.

There is consensus between Chad and Lefty on who he should buy. Find out now!

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