Sports Card Strategy Overflow Show: JJ McCarthy Bowman U, Barry Sanders Documentary Spike? What’s The Wemby Panini Play?

In this episode of The Overflow Show, we talk with premium members about Barry Sanders, JJ McCarthy, Junior Caminero, Victor Wembanyama, Caleb Williams, eBay strategy, grading strategy and cracking and submitting PSA slabs and submitting to BGS.

1. Skeeter Robinson kicks of the show with questions regarding college football flippability:

With attention being put towards Caleb Williams, Shedeur Sanders, and Drew Allar, is there a play on J.J. McCarthy for Michigan? He should have landmarks coming up with a potential College Football Playoff and a Top 10 pick potentially in the 2024 NFL Draft. Is he undervalued, and do his non licensed 2021 prints hold solid value?

2. Next Mike Williams looks for opinions on what Coach Prime’s upcoming doc may have on card spikes:

There’s a documentary coming out on Prime, November 21 on “Why Barry Sanders retired.” Does our panel see a play with his cards beforehand?

3. Burt Fields follows looking to give our boys over at Greybo’s a visit:

He wants to create submissions based on the whole process of the flipping game as other members have. First, he wants to go to Greybo’s to meet the guys and do a 10 minute submission with them looking at his cards and see what they would list and what they would send off to PSA. He also has slabs, so they could potentially see (based on the card strategy) what they crack after buying low and sending off to PSA. Burt lives in California so this would be an exciting visit in the fall.

4. Jonathan Meadows has picked up some Arch Manning Panini’s:

He bought 10 of Arch Manning’s Panini cards. They finally came in the mail recently, and he’s sending them off to PSA soon. What is our ideal hype cycle marker to make profits on Manning? It’s also important to note that he’s thanked us for doing the Lord’s work.

5. Matt Rubin wants feedback on graded returns with imperfections:

When we get card graded that turns out to have flaws, do we try to relist right away to breakeven/take a small loss, or do we wait until a hype spike to try to gain on raw cards?

6. Phil Limauge wants to ensure he isn’t messing sell markers:

His plan is to collect a few more soccer cards and submit a bulk PSA order.

He has a question about Bowman 1stds for football. Now that Panini lost the licensing for the NFL there won't be any new Prizm, Donruss, Contenders, and Select...essentially ALL of the investable football cards. Do we think 1st Bowman football cards will become the new sought after card in football, like in baseball?

He;s all aboard the Caleb Williams bandwagon and thinks he's going to be the next big NFL superstar. Do we think his numbered or auto 1st Bowmans will become the new Silver Prizm or Rookie Ticket Autos?

7. Dustin Horton has a couple of questions for the crew:

Do we think Jamison Williams Rookie Ticket Autos are a buy hoping he has a breakout game or season after his 6 game suspension is up?

Also, he ordered 10 of the base Victor Wemby prints from Panini and was wondering if we would send these to SGC for the fast turnaround time and to be first to market, or would we spend the extra $5 for each and send to PSA and wait 2-3 months.

8. Marty Friel has more questions regarding our Arch Manning pitch:

With a Base Prizm going for just $15-$20 as they're going right now, not only for Manning specifically, but for any athlete in whom we're investing, is the Base Prizm worth it? Would we rather buy one Silver /250 of Arch for $110 vs. 5-7 base Prizms?

9. Jake Lamb suggests Bowman baseball plays:

Do we think there could be a play on baseball prospecting with 1st Bowman Chrome Autographs, buying them in PSA 9 grades (which typically sell for the same or even a little less than raw), cracking them, and submitting to Beckett?

Do we have thoughts on this as a potential play and if so, do you have feedback on the subgrades that BGS is more lenient on than PSA (centering, corners, surface, edges)?

10. Buckeye Dill’s back looking for advice on card hunting overseas:

He’ll be in Germany next week for work and was wondering if there would be some specific brands of cards only available internationally. Maybe a question for Lefty as my gut tells me it would most likely be some kind of soccer cards, specifically Bundesliga?
His second question is where to purchase the cards?

11. Troy Hermon rounds of the show looking for elaboration on Wembanyama plays:

What do we think the play is there? Should you grade and quick sell?

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