Sports Card Strategy Overflow Show: MLB Prospect Plays, Promoting Your eBay Listings, and Olympic Soccer Sell Markers

In this episode of The Overflow Show, we help premium members make money flipping sports cards. We talk Connor Bedard sticker sell periods, what you should do when trying to remove an auto grade to increase value and liquidity, and when you should promote your eBay listings

Additionally, Paul gives his opinions on using the 2024 Olympics as a sell marker for top female soccer plays, as well as how much you should take historical gem rate data in account.

And much more...

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  1. Chad Guell on December 29, 2023 at 5:35 pm

    Great question Marty!
    Not looking at or caring about gem rates when looking at what to submit for grading is a HUGE error in Dr Cracks opinion. Absolutely always check gem rates before sending in cards GEM RATES matter!!! Now obviously buying a bunch of dinged cards or off centered cards will skew the gem rate percentage, that is why we advise you to pre-grade your cards with a loupe and a centering tool. After you pre-grade and select the cards, you think will gem that is when gem rates will take place and matter.

    • Paul Hickey on January 3, 2024 at 11:56 am

      Hey Chad – Good thoughts.
      I think Gem Rates matter also – in general – and in concept – and as a blanket statement. and I think they should be checked, but my point in this video is more around not overthinking it. If there’s a play in a vacuum you want to make that involves grading – like the Bronny James play, Connor Bedard Sticker play, etc. where you’re trying to be first to the market with graded cards, then Gem Rate doesn’t matter all – because there is no Gem Rate.

      Now, Gem Rate is a major factor in some of the plays we talk about in our buy-raw-in-bulk and grade, but one-off singles purchases, I’d argue Gem Rates don’t matter that much. The condition of the card you’re actually purchasing matters MUCH MORE.


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