Sports Card Strategy Overflow Show: Premium Member Q and A – What Prospects To Buy With $200?

The Overflow Show Premium Member QA Show Thumbnails

We answer phenomenal questions from our premium members right here on The Overflow Show, as I'm joined by Kendall "Lefty" McKee and Sports Card Dr. Crack Chad Guell.

- What is good / target ROI?
- What should I do with my 2011 NFL sealed wax?
- Does eBay charge fees on shipping?
- Which prospects should I by with $200?
- What is my Vini Jr. soccer card worth?
- Will Ludvig Aberg be a stud?
- Should you pay to promote your eBay listings?
- Can you flip a Corbin Carroll PSA 10 for profit?
- How to get your '86 Fleer Stickers graded
- Is Jude Bellingham still a buy?

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