Sports Card Strategy Overflow Show: Premium Member Q and A – What Prospects To Buy With $200?

We answer phenomenal questions from our premium members right here on The Overflow Show, as I'm joined by Kendall "Lefty" McKee and Sports Card Dr. Crack Chad Guell.

- What is good / target ROI?
- What should I do with my 2011 NFL sealed wax?
- Does eBay charge fees on shipping?
- Which prospects should I by with $200?
- What is my Vini Jr. soccer card worth?
- Will Ludvig Aberg be a stud?
- Should you pay to promote your eBay listings?
- Can you flip a Corbin Carroll PSA 10 for profit?
- How to get your '86 Fleer Stickers graded
- Is Jude Bellingham still a buy?

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