Sports Card Strategy Overflow Show – Vintage Baseball Offers, Top Soccer Cards To Buy, Hunting for Giannis, Sell Baker Mayfield

In this episode of The Overflow Show, we talk with premium members about how to get started listing and selling less desirable cards on eBay to build up their profiles; how to make the smartest offers on vintage baseball cards; selling opportunities for Victor Wembanyama, Elly de La Cruz, Josh Allen and more. We also talk about predictions related to Panini and Topps Football cards, and of course, Arch Manning cards.

1. Hunter Scallion kicks off the show looking for advice for people returning to the hobby and wanting to flip cards:

When it comes to banking would we recommend someone to have a separate bank account other than having their EBay and or ComC connect to their main bank account? Is it easier for someone to track cards and sales this way? He recently started a new bank account just for Cards and Card Sales and it already feels A MILLION times more organized to him.

2. Loyal follower Janelle Schuh looks for help pricing vintage cards:

She’s looked in Market Movers, but they only have graded card prices. Would we suggest using the lowest grade price and negotiating down from there?

She also asks about MLB prospects called up late in the season:

Is there still a play to invest in the recent baseball prospects that have been called up late this season? With their rookie cards won't not coming out until next year, will the Bowman 1sts see a similar increase in price come spring training just like they potentially saw with their late season call-up?

3. Schuh’s final question pertains to soccer:

Which tends to be the more sought after soccer rookie cards - UCL or from the league the player plays in? Where do the Topps Merlin cards fall regarding interest/investability in the hobby?

4. Nick Harner follows up Janelle looking for prospect help:

He has a Josh Jung auto PSA 10 and an O’Neil Cruz auto /25 PSA 9 that he wants to sell, but he isn’t sure if he should wait until they return from injury.

5. Harner returns with grading questions regarding plays we’ve pitched:

He received his 10 Arch Manning base Prizms today and wants to know if he should send them into PSA or SGC with the quicker turnaround?

6. Harner’s final question revolves around Bowman Atomics:

He’s currently buying Caleb Williams, JJ McCarthy, Drew Allar, Arch Manning and Jackson Holliday cards. His question is regarding the Bowman 1st cards, specifically for Jackson Holliday. After doing some research, he’s learned he can buy a 2022 Holliday 1st Refractor raw for about $50 and PSA 10s are selling from $115-$200 while their gem rate is only 50%. Whereas, his 2022 Bowmans Best Atomic Refractors raw sell for $30 and PSA 10s sell for $100-250 with a 86% gem rate. Is it the smarter investment?

7. Marc Smadja looks for feedback on high-value cards:

His last submission took several months. Again not great except for one card and needs our advice. He has a Josh Allen 2018 Turn of the Century Auto /99 - came back a Gem Mint 10. He can't find any value on it although PSA charged up on it to value up to $1499. Should he consider having PSA send this one to GOLDIN Auction?

8. Ryan Painter has great notes and questions on the effect of Panini’s recent market shift:

With Panini being forced out of the football card market he’s wondering if there is a play to be made on buying 23 wax. It looks like Panini will stop producing football cards by the end of October. They have Black, Gold Standard, Donruss, and Flawless Collegiate set to release in October, National Treasures Collegiate in early November and then it appears they are finished. A few questions:

1) Have we heard anything about Panini producing their flagship chrome sets (Prizm, Optic, Select), or are those officially over?
2) Will Fanatics/Topps be producing any 2023 NFL licensed product?
3) If the answer to the first two questions is "NO", then would stacking up on current 2023 sealed wax be a great play? The supply of 2023 cards would be incredibly lower than previous years, therefore creating a high demand and high ceiling for sealed products.

9. Debra Roberts looks for feedback on Baker Mayfield:

Should you sell them raw while he's riding high instead of waiting for the turnaround time to get the serial # autos graded?

10. Landin’s up next looking for answers on selling advice:

He’s about to set up his profile and start listing all of these random cards I have picked up through retail packs. They’re fairly inexpensive cards, do we recommend he lists them as ten day auctions starting at $0? Also, how do we typically handle shipping? Do we have tips regarding setting up listings aside from using a lightbox?

Landin also thinks Burrow is a strong buy opportunity right now. What card do you recommend as an affordable option?

11. Next up is CardProfessor 7 looking for clarification on a pitch from Chad:

Chad mentioned on episode 102 the 2013 Hoops #275 Giannis RC PSA 10 What price range do we think is a potential buy consideration?

12. Dustin Horton has an idea to boost card values:

What do we think of sending cheaper cards to players in hope they sign them? He was talking to a guy at a recent card show that does this and has pretty good success. He uses the site sports where it shows data on people who send cards to certain players and their success in getting them back. Have we done this? Do we think it’s a play?

13. Jabroni asks for feedback on grading non-rookies:
What is our advice on grading non-rookie cards? He has a few Select Field Level and Prizm ice color match cards, like a blue Dak Prescott or a purple Lamar Jackson, and wants to get the most out of my non-rookie parallel cards. Should he get them graded?

14. Curt Settle rounds off the show first looking to get more views on his listings:

Recently he has noticed zero views for my listings. I have been selling low end cards to get my feedback up, and understand that some aren’t very desirable, but zero views? Is this a known problem or is he doing something wrong?

His second question pertains to the ebay standard envelope. Have we or others had issues with these not being delivered? He’s had close to 10 of them not be delivered or returned.

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