Sports Card Strategy Overflow Show: Will Jackson Holliday Really 2x? Grade Phoenix Fireburst?

1. Adam Rottler asks for feedback regarding our confidence in holding Jackson Holliday cards:

Do we really believe Jackson Holliday 1st chrome PSA 10s will double in price? At $150, is most of the hype already baked into that price? Elly 1st chromes had some spikes over $200 but he also did some incredible things on the baseball diamond. Is predicting Holliday 1st Chromes to get near $300 ridiculous?

2. Adam Rottler follows his Holliday question looking for advise on what to do with cards that were sent back to him from a pregrading review service due to print lines from a 2020 Panini Phoenix Fireburst sealed set

He’s sold some of the rookies raw before looking back into this issue. Should he take his chances and send what’s left to PSA?

3. Adam Heymann has found a Paolo Banchero Panini NBA Hoops Rookie Gem Mint seller on Ebay offering cards for market(movers) value:

The seller is asking for $39 for this card, and he wants to offer him $30 for three of these cards and ride the hype of Paolo into the NBA season.

Do we think this is a smart play even though the card is not highly collectible? Would casual fans help add to the liquidity during NBA hype cycles?

4. Next Brett Finkel looks for feedback on a controversial topic regarding card care:

What are our thoughts on products like Kurt’s Card Care, Maguire’s Ultimate Compound Wax and other products to try to clean your cards before submitting for grading?

5. Paul Schmitz aka Buckeye Dill was held up by PSA when trying to make Shohei Ohtani moves and wants to know what our opinion is on moving Ohtani Cards:

While he got back 1 PSA 9 and 5 PSA 10s on his 2018 Heritage Shohei Ohtani cards, it took over two months and he missed the high point. With Shohei’s injury, should he sell now at a slight dip or wait for the next marker? How can he maximize profits?

6. Debra Roberts has two questions regarding our updated rankings at

Why have some of our ranking lists decreased in numbers?

Is our “sell by” date general applicable to all of the player’s cards? Or just the specific card we’re pitching?

7. Next we receive an in-depth question from Ryan Borusky regarding parallels and print numbers:

Is the role of parallels and numbered cards within different sets strictly an act of manufacturing scarcity by the different card companies (i.e. Topps, Bowman, Prizm) to drive demand and control supply? In older sets from previous decades, releases were almost exclusively base cards. Now we have these rainbows of parallels, inserts, autos, numbered cards, etc. Why do we chase these kinds of cards? Is it strictly a matter of supply and demand that the companies are manufacturing for the consumer, which essentially drives the value of each card? Is the consumer producing all the value for these cards?

8. New member Brian Billings likes to get raw cards submitted for grading in hopes of good PSA outcomes:

With this strategy he has to think ahead because you never know how long it may take to get the cards back. What players should he be looking for right now? Are basketball cards the best bet?

9. Skeeter Robinson gets in at the buzzer with a question about a 2023 Topps Chrome Cosmic Anthony Volpe Red Rookie Auto 5/5 he won from a break.

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