Sports Card Strategy Show Ep 99: Big Kelce Wins, Basketball Buys, DeShaun Watson Bounceback?

Welcome to Episode 99 of the Sports Card Strategy Show with hosts Paul Hickey of, the Sports Card Doctor, Chad Guell, of, and Kendall "Lefty" McKee of, and Just Breaks, with guest host Duke Dodson from Graybo's!

In this episode we talk about: L's, W's, Buys and Sells.

L- No L’s because Paul is winning everywhere.
W - Travis Kelce 2015 Topps Finest Gold Refractor /150 PSA 10. Found at Mint Collective Card Show for $2. Graded at PSA for $19, got a PSA 10. Total earnings - $155
B - Paul planting a flag on Arch Manning. Base Auto redemptions are going for around $320
Rated Prospects singles from The National Packs /149 are going for around $115
S - Shadeur Sanders

Strategy - Planning all Spring to Sell a bunch of cards right now.

Selling Tips:
When you have one auction getting a ton of views and action, it’s a great idea to list more cards. Buyers will see you have one card of interest and continue to see what other cards you have. It’s like putting your best products in the window to get people to come into your store. So have more inventory listed.

L- Carlos Alcaraz loses the US Open.
W - Listening to Paul about Sheduer Sanders. Paul called it 2 years ago Lefty is going to crystalize on this massive profit. Paid $12.00 and looking for a profit of $250.
B - Buying Caminero hard over the next few months. Messi Sports Illustrated for Kids Cards 2023 Miami Kit.
S - Do not buy Ethan Salas cards right away. This is the chase card. He is going to the next guy people freak out about.

L- PSA is my L of the week. I have to take some of the blame as well as I should have planned better. With all of the call ups recently I am missing out on profiting as my cards are sitting at PSA. I was getting bulk submissions back in 6-8 weeks so I thought I was safe. So I have 20 card bulk players, Rafael Cedaane, Evan Carter, Jasson Dominguez, and Jordan Lawlar all sitting at PSA since June 7th.
W - Bought the 2020 Joe Burrow Field Level Silver BGS 9.5 for $425 cracked it out and submitted to PSA at the $75 fast service level. Came back a PSA 10 which you saw in the show and tell. Just sold it for $1000. Netted $875 after ebay fees had $525 in it with grading and shipping so a nice $350 profit in just 5 weeks!
B - Caleb Williams Bowman U 1st Refractors non autos, Patrick Mahomes Optic Base rookies
S - Jasson Dominguez Bowman Chrome 1st base psa 10 up 147% in last 30 days, Ronald Acuna Jr Bowman Prospects paper 1st psa 10 up 144% last 30 days.

Strategy - slow down on buying and try to start selling off some football cards to build up a bank roll to buy heavy in mid to late October with mid season dips.

L- JK Dobbins’ Achilles injury.
W - Went to the Burbank Show - large trade, great turnout, an overall very successful show. Picked up Luka, Justin Herbert, and Lamar Jackson. Check out last week’s show and tell show for more!
B - Basketball - Shai, Paolo, if Antman comes back down
Football - (Vegas thinks they’ll win some games) Deshaun Watson, Ridder, Dak
College Football - Drew Allar for Penn St, Xavier Worthy for Texas, Drake Maye (Leaf only)
S - Tua/Tyreek. Jordan Love, and Purdy. Allgeier (had 2 TD’s, Bijan going to be the dude).

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