Sports Card Strategy Show Ep98: Sell Shedeur, Ant, PSA 9s; Soccer Buying Tips; eBay Auction Risks

Welcome to Episode 98 of the Sports Card Strategy Show with hosts Paul Hickey of, the Sports Card Doctor, Chad Guell, of, and Kendall "Lefty" McKee of, and Just Breaks.

In this episode we talk about: L's, W's, Buys and Sells.

Paul Hickey
L’s - is PSA slowing down?
About 2 weeks just to get orders entered, then another 2-3 months to grade, then after you pay and get your grades, it’s taking 3-4 days for them to ship the cards out.

Paul's Wins
PSA Submission Returns - 2 Jackson Chourio, Bowman Chrome 1st and 20, Victor Wembanyama Topps Now came back PSA 10. Found a Travis Kelce in a dollar box came back PSA 10. Don’t forget to check out Baseball, Basketball, and Football Card Rankings up at NOS.

Buying - Chourio and still trying to buy Holliday. Shoehei Ohtani, 2018 Topps Chrome Prisim Refractor (pitching), PSA 10.

Selling - Paolo Banchero PSA 9s, Anthony Edwards Base Prizm PSA 10 (up 30-40% from when I bought it) ($120 from $80). FIBA Bump, Anthony Edwards PSA 9s or lower graded autos.

Shedeur Sanders - SELL. Guys like Matt Esterman listened to me and bought him. Listen now, it’s time to sell and cash in. I love him, but the Onyx autos won’t be his only cards for long. Sell now, buy back in later.

Kendall “Lefty” McKee
L - I did not buy into Max Verstappen earlier this year when I brought it up in early June. I am likely looking into the refractor PSA 10 rookie that is hovering around 1k.

W - Jackson Holliday to AAA. I do not believe that we will see him pulled up this season but Jackson is a true pro. He is outstanding and now he is getting the top level performance.

Buying - Max Verstappen- bought a base chrome rookie last night and I might buy a sapphire rookie. Mbappe is an intriguing low end buy right now. If you have the risk to know that it could be a long term hold depending on where he transfers to.

Junior Caminero is so underrated. When Holliday is out of the picture he will be the clear number 1. I am looking to acquire him big time this off-season.

Selling - I will likely sell my Ben Shelton cards and likely my sinner cards if they go any deeper into the us open

Dr. Chad Guell
L - Last spring I bought a few boxes of Bowman cards and ripped for fun with the kids. I sent in a Hedbert Perez and Matt Fraizer Bowman Chrome 1st auto that we got from the boxes. They came back 8's! Invested $45 in the 2 cards. Sold them to the same guy for $9 for the pair lost $37.

W - Bought a Breece Hall rookie ticket auto raw for $35 had it graded for $19 came back a PSA 10. Bought a Jordan Love Score Gold Zone #/50 raw for $25 graded it for $19 came back a PSA 9. ROI. Bought a 1999 Star Wars Gold Yoda Pepsi locally at a flea market for $5 sold for $25 netted $22 after fees nice $17 profit for a 300% ROI

Buying - My deep sleeper this year is Simone Fontecchio from the Utah Jazz. He was a star in Europe but struggled last year to adapt to the physicality of the NBA. I think in his 2nd year he is going to blossom. I am also buying Giannis, Anthony Edwards, SGA and Luka.

Selling - Brock Purdy His cards are up more than any other QB in the last 30 days and we aren't even sure he is 100% healthy. Too much baked into his prices they WILL fall.We'd love your questions and comments!

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