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Topps Series 2 Baseball & Panini Adrenalyn Soccer Reveal

In this fun family reveal, my daughter Samantha and I get into some Panini Adrenalyn Soccer and Topps Series 2 Baseball. See who we got! This video is brought to you by Market Movers App by Sports Card Investor. Save 20% on by using the promo code “nooffseason” or clicking here – Listen…

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Ripping Panini Soccer Cards: La Liga Premium Adrenalyn Reveal!

At, we strive to appeal to any and all collectors who want to be happy collecting. Any number of things can make collectors happy. Low prices, hot cards, free stuff, nice people. We want to provide all of the above. At, there’s nothing intimidating. We are not sports cards experts. We are simply…

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How To Collect Soccer Cards: Panini Adrenalyn La Liga Set

I grew up in Detroit, and eventually moved to Nashville, but ended up in Spain in 2018 with my family. Valencia, Spain – to be exact. When my son started in public Spanish school, within the first week, there were reps from Panini outside of the schools passing out packets of 1 EURO cards for…

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