Ripping Panini Soccer Cards: La Liga Premium Adrenalyn Reveal!

At, we strive to appeal to any and all collectors who want to be happy collecting.

Any number of things can make collectors happy. Low prices, hot cards, free stuff, nice people. We want to provide all of the above.

At, there's nothing intimidating. We are not sports cards experts. We are simply happy collecting and we want you to be too.

That's why every once in a while I rip packs with my kids and create content out of it.

My business is based out of the US, but my family and I live in Spain, so it's sometimes hard for me to scratch the itch of opening my favorite NBA, NFL and MLB cards (all of which I grew up collecting and are my favorite types of cards to buy).

But it would be silly of me not to take advantage of the fact that I live in the soccer mecca and rip some La Liga Soccer Cards. So my son and I have gotten into doing just that. While Panini MegaCracks are the high end cards in Spain, Max told me that actually Panini La Liga Premium Adrenalyn packs are some of his favorites to rip.

Mainly because out of the 10 cards you get in the Premium Adrenalyn packs, five of them are special cards like Super Cracks, Edicion Limitadas, Idolos, Diamantes and more.

Retailing for 5 Euro in Spain per pack (about $7 USD), they're available. We're selling them at for a little more than that, but the singles are available in our Dollar Bin, which can be found at the bottom of our Soccer Page on

Anyone who thinks Adrenalyn cards are just an overproduced card game, I beg to differ. They're solid collectibles that can hold value and keep both adults and kids happy for years to come.

If you're just getting back into The Hobby and/or an avid sports card investor / collector or even flipper, I've got two great tools for you.

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Happy Collecting!

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