The $20 Play of The Day : The Arizona Cardinal WR Room

The $20 Play of The Day - The Arizona Cardinal WR Room

Contributed by Ryan Painter

A personal favorite play of mine, is the $20 or less auto of a young promising player who hasn’t yet produced on the big stage. The upside is a huge payday. The downside costs you only a few bucks. If you hit on a quarter of these plays, you’ll make out just great. Today’s play: the trio of Marquise Brown, Rondale Moore, and Greg Dortch.



The Arizona Cardinals organization is a complete mess and have entered a total rebuild for the 2023 season. Their star QB will start the year on IR, and they have purged the roster of other talented players, namely their WR room. Specifically, both Deandre Hopkins and AJ Green are no longer employed by the Cards. Those two combined for over 1100 snaps from the wide receiver position! And while the new coaching staff won’t be looking to throw as much as their previous coach, Arizona will likely be down big in most games, leading to tons of passing from a team playing catch-up. This opens up a MASSIVE playing time opportunity for the three best WRs on their roster: Marquise Brown, Rondale Moore, and Greg Dortch. All three of these undersized speedy receivers are capable of big games causing huge price spikes throughout the season. 80 yard dynamic TDs get buyer’s attention and all 3 have this potential.

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