How To Turn 82 Yards into Hundreds of Dollars!

How To Turn 82 Yards into Hundreds of Dollars! Show Thumbnails (3)

Contributed by Chad Guell

If you are a football fan and or a sports card collector, you know that week 1 was an absolute disaster for Joe Burrow and the Bengals. One of the most popular QB's in the hobby throwing for less than 100 yards and getting blown out by your cross state bitter rival Cleveland Browns was an embarrassment to the city of Cincinnati. Everyone knows that one week doesn't not define a player or a team. Especially week one after your star QB hasn't practiced or played with the team in 5 weeks due to a leg injury. The outcome was almost predictable. The Bengals are known for starting seasons slow or poorly, so his card prices weren't affected by this performance. Right?

WRONG!!! It is like the entire card hobby forgot who Joe Burrow is and that he is still a top 5 QB in the league! Let's take a look at some charts and graphs to see what this week 1 performance has done to his card market!

The 1st card I am going to recommend grabbing is the card down the most. His 2020 Phoenix Fire Burst PSA 10. This card over the last 365 days has sold for $200 or more several times over a few months! Getting this card for under $100 or even around $100 almost feels like stealing!

In total there are 32 Joe Burow rookie PSA 10 cards that are down in the last 7 days! I stopped with the charts at down 10%, but that still leaves 18 cards to choose from! To buy cards at these comps you will probably need to buy in person at a show or snipe some auctions on Ebay. As you have heard us talk about in season dips, this is what we are talking about! There are opportunities like this for someone almost every week of the season. The trick is to time it right so you can flip within a few weeks of purchasing! Good luck and happy hunting! Looking forward to some show and tell submissions with some huge profits from Joe Burrows early season struggles!

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