January 2023: Sports Card Opportunity Report

Sports Card Opportunity Report January 2023

Risks, Rewards and Sure-Fire Bets

Welcome to 2023! Regardless of what many sports card content creators say about the overall "sports card market," I remain steadfast in my belief that there is no singular "sports card market," but rather that the entire ecosystem is made up of several niche market segments, sometimes broken down by sport, but often by player, and even more frequently by specific cards - and even grades of a card - all with their own opportunity.

So in this month's Members-Only Sports Card Opportunity Report, I review where I'm seeing the most opportunity for you all to profit within the hobby - stuff that's not already included in our player write-ups.

Get this piece and all of our other premium content, including the full investment report, featuring an in-depth look at which cards to buy now, how long to hold them and when to sell them. Get the rest. Go Premium here.

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