Jeopardy…..Give Me Ja Morant For a $1000 Profit Please

Jeopardy.....Give Me Ja Morant For a $1000 Profit Please

Contributed by Chad Guell

There is no denying Ja Morant's talent. However, there are HUGE questions marks about his character and the choices he is making off the basketball court. On June 16th it became official, and Ja Morant was issued a 25-game suspension to start this next NBA season. Ja has apologized publicly for his actions, and he has vowed to get his good name back. The 25-game suspension will cost him about $7,600,000 plus the suspension voided a clause in his contract that could have paid him an additional $39,000,000.  If Ja does anything else, he will probably lose his endorsement deals with Powerade and Nike as well. The fact that until recently Morant hasn't had any character issues leaves me to believe he will indeed get this turned around. If, and when this happens, his card prices will rebound too! We are going to take a look at some card trends that leave me to believe that now is a great time to be buying certain Ja cards!

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