Sports Card Strategy Ep90: Pricing Movement From NBA Summer League, MLB Futures, and Wimbledon

Welcome to Episode 90 of the Sports Card Strategy Show with Paul Hickey, Kendall "Lefty" McKee and the Sports Card Doctor, Chad Guell, of Today we are joined by Duke Dodson of Graybo's!

In this episode:

Weekend Recap
- NBA Summer League Moves the Card Market
- Wimbledon and quick flip opportunities on Carlos Alcaraz
- Djokovic is still in it for another year
- MLB Draft Recap
- Women's Soccer - World Cup starts July 20

Chad says get in on Dylan Crews and Wyatt Langford. Paul and his son, Max, are likely to watch Max Clarke.
Everyone is watching Paul Skenes cards.

We've got a bet going on at the Sports Card Strategy Show and Duke Dodson of Graybo's Card Shop helps the guys out.

Paul says, he bets that the Jets miss the playoffs. Both Chad and Lefty will accept the bet but if they win more than 5 games,

Paul has to wear an Aaron Rodgers jersey for the week. If Paul wins, Chad and Lefty have to buy Michigan State Spartans jerseys and wear them on the show.

Duke’s L of the week:
During a show a customer set his cards to trade on a table, one of them being a Jalen Hurts card and the card, along with several others fell over and the card was damaged. Duke did the customer right by purchasing the card at the value before the drop.

Chad’s L of the week:
He bought a Ohtani card for $30 with shipping that was in mint condition. The guy he bought it from sent it in a bubble wrap thinking it was going to be great. The card was completely bent because he didn’t ship it correctly. Stay tuned later this week on how to properly package and ship your cards!

Paul’s L of the week:
Don’t crack and resubmit PSA grades. Paul didn’t get the grade he wanted so he submitted 8 cards and they came back a lower PSA grade then what they were before he sent them. Lessons learned.

Duke's W of the week :
Great day of sales at a local card show and great day for the Richmond, VA sports card community.

Lefty's W of the week:
7 cards sold while he was on vacation so he got his wife involved in the family business of helping to prep and mail. Also Kai Jones got his time in the limelight and cards are up up 2 bucks!

Chad’s W of the week:
Sold the final Jordan Walker Card. Chad had $820 invested in the 20 card play and made out on the other side profiting $400.

Paul’s W of the week:
Chad and Kendall wrote an amazing article; HOW TO MAKE MONEY BUYING 2023 BOWMAN CHROME 1ST PROSPECTS (TOP 16 PROSPECTS TO BUY). Check it out on Paul also bought a SGC 10 Jalen Hurts 2020 optic holo for $246 cracked and got a PSA 10 currently going for $335.

Paul is buying - Scottie Scheffler 2017 SI for Kids rookie for $99. It’s the only Golf card Paul has ever purchased.

Duke is looking to buy as much as they can at the National.
Lefty is buying, Chet Holmgren, Alyssa Thompson, Corbin Carroll, and Justin Crawford. Lefty is selling Corbin Carroll and Wembanyama.

Chad is buying Miles Bridges. Hoping for a huge comeback. Chad is looking to buy 20 cards total and is hoping for a 7x return if he has a great year. Chad is selling Trey Lance.

Paul is advising to sell your Elly De La Cruz and Oscar Piastri cards and buy them back in December.

Chad predicts that Elly De La Cruz wins Rookie of the year.

We are bringing back the segment: The Gauntlet. Watch to see which card wins.

Kendall "Lefty" McKee closes out the show with a big W of the year - he and his wife are having a BABY! Congratulations!

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