Sports Card Strategy Overflow Show: Investing In Multiple Spencer Jones Cards Or One Jackson Holiday Card; Oneil Cruz Comeback Opportunity

Thanks to our premium subscribers for asking great questions that we answer in depth in this episode to help you build your sports card strategy.

Kicking off today’s show is Josh Dipiazza with an awesome two part question:

Do you think at this point in the season and with the market the way it is, I should invest in multiple Spencer Jones PSA 10s or a single Jackson Holliday PSA 10?

Do you think it would be beneficial to invest in Market Movers or Card Ladder?

Marty Friel asks some questions regarding short print cards.

What is your opinion on grading case hit, SSP, low numbered (1/1, /5, /10, /25 type stuff), or auto cards? I've heard varying degrees of feedback on the idea - would you rather have a very rare card in a slab graded at PSA 8 or just hold that card raw? Short and long-term, what would you say holds more value? Does having a PSA 9 or 10 really add all that much value to a short print type card at the end of the day?

Brett Staude has a question regarding evaluating baseball prospects and short print cards.

Enjoyed meeting you and Chad at the national. It was one of the few things I made sure I did when I was there. 

For players that might get a September call-up, how do you price their cards now? 1.5x comps, 2x? Etc

Next we move into a two parter submitted by Brian Hunt:

2016 Oneal Cruz BCAP-OC SGC 10/Auto 10. Should I crack and submit to PSA, try PSA crossover, or should the SGC hold good value with the 10/10 grade?

Question 2: Is now the time to cash in on Shohei cards or will they continue to rise in value?

John Robinson asks:

What are your thoughts on Luis Robert? He's having a terrific season on a bad White Sox team, but there seems to be little buzz in his cards. I got a BGS 9.5 Refractor Auto /499 (Min Gem) from 2018 Bowman for $500 at the National, 1/3 of the price of where his cards were at a year ago. He's only 26 and is on pace for 40+ HR, and a chance at 20+ SB. Is his lack of interest due to being on the White Sox, too many burned by his 2020 items, a combination of both, or something else? Or is he appropriately priced?

Matt Rubin asks about Optic vs. Donruss rookies:

It seems that Optic Rated Rookies are valued higher than Donruss (non-optic) Rated Rookies. Is this always the case and why? Outside of different photos, what is the difference between the two? Finally, in the case of Shai’s Rated Rookies the photos seem to be identical; for flipping does it matter if I buy Optic or Donruss for his Rated Rookies? Thanks!

Brad Smith gets a buzzer beater in, asking about RPAs and Rookie Autos

He asks When looking at grabbing autos and RPA’s, which ones do you look at first (Contenders Rookie Ticket?) and which ones do you avoid (certain brands, college vs pro?) Also, do you use different criteria for deciding to grade patch cards or just expect lower grades?

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