Sports Card Strategy Overflow Show: Lower Than Expected Gem Rates, Josh Allen vs Coby Mayo, How To Tear SI Kids Cards

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How to properly remove SI Kids Cards Out of SI Kids Magazines and increase your changes of higher PSA grades.

Buckeye Dill asks about baseball prospects who’s call ups aren’t resulting in pricing gains. He doesn't want to see a loss and doesn't mind holding if there could be some rise in their value in the next year for guys like:

- Curtis Mead
- Zack Gelof
- Tyler Soderstom

Up next is Skeeter Robinson who has just started listening to the podcast and wants us to address Ceddanne Rafaela. Is he a buy right now or has that ship sailed? Or, is he a "buy in the Fall if he doesn't get called up before the end of the 2023 season?"

Mark Smadja didn’t get the results he expected on his PSA submission of 20 Corbin Caroll cards.

Gemrate should have been about 66% according to, but he only got 6 of 20 PSA 10s and the other 14 came back PSA 9.

He wants to know when to sell these.

Adam Rottler Adam asks: Is there ever a time when getting an in-person auto would devalue a card?

Josh DiPiazza wonders if investing in Mikal Bridges 2018 Prizm Silver Raw is a good idea.

Ryan King asks if he should trade a monster Josh Allen card for a monster Coby Mayo card.

Beau Rogers wonders when the best time is and what the best way to sell his Paolo Banchero Red Dice Prizm Monopoly PSA 10 is.

Buckeye Dil also wonders if he could grade or sell his newly pulled Adley Rutschman Ultraviolet All-Star Auto /99 from Topps Chrome.

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  1. Ryan Painter on August 18, 2023 at 12:38 pm

    You’ll be hearing from my attorney for all the SLANDER on this episode!!! JK. I’ll be more patient on my wiggle.

  2. Paul Schmitz on August 18, 2023 at 1:05 pm

    Wiggle it, just a little bit….

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